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The Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) coaching support package will be delivered in line with the APM PPQ syllabus, APM PPQ Assessment specification and APM Competency Framework. As a skills and experience based qualification that is assessed through scenario based role play, oral discussion and project report writing, the approach to supporting learners will focus primarily on providing coaching and mentoring to undertake critical evaluation, critical analysis and demonstration of understanding through scenario based responses in both verbal and in written format.

PM knowledge basis will be Book of Knowledge 7th Edition and aligned with the PPQ syllabus utilising as well as the Competency framework and assessment specification outlined below:


Two blended learning approaches through virtual classrooms and online learning or face 2 face with online learning. Group workshops to aid skills and knowledge development with wrap around 121 support to tailor to individual learning needs. Groups are limited to a maximum of 6 (with a minimum of 4 learners per course) in order to maintain quality and meet the requirements of the PPQ.

Step 1: PPQ expectations and requirements induction

  • Baseline Assessment of Learner’s Project Management skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • Critical evaluation, critical analysis, scenario-based responses and project report writing skills levelling.
  • Development of individual learning plan

121 Support – 1 hour

Step 2:

  • Group workshops covering knowledge and understanding
  • Skills development (critical evaluation, critical analysis, scenario-based responses and project report writing) using practice scenarios, professional questioning and simulated project report writing practice.
  • Peer assessments
  • Individual feedback from coach.

121 Support – 1 hour

Step 3 (Online 4 hrs per learner)

  • Mock assessments – (using Individual learner case study support (pre-seen case studies issues 4 weeks prior to assessment)
  • Individual learner feedback
  • PPQ support service evaluation

Step 4: Assessment Day

What's the outcome?

Gaining your PPQ will demonstrate your ability to make a positive contribution to any project you manage or are involved with. This will mean applying APM techniques to areas of project management as diverse as risk management, communication and procurement.

Through more widespread adoption of the APM approach, projects will be delivered in a more consistent fashion across your organisation.

What does it involve?

The framework consists of 27 competences based around outcomes that project professionals need to achieve. Each competence includes a series of criteria covering knowledge and the application.

2 hrs 35 mins duration, all in 1 day, pass mark 60%

  • Scenario Assessment - 30 mins (20 mins assessment, 10 mins prep)

(based on pre-seen case study 4 weeks before assessment)

Will address Communication and either problem solving, decision making or negotiation.

20 marks

  • Oral Exam – 50 mins

(based on pre-seen case study 4 weeks before assessment)

4 questions posed (3 parts to each question, 12 mins per question)

40 marks

  • Written Report – 75 mins (60 mins assessment, 15 mins prep)

(Project report based on pre-seen case study)

Will address 1 learning outcome

30 marks

To view the PPQ syllabus please click here.

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