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The process of project planning, and the project plan, is more than just scheduling activities. They are living, breathing activities and documents which communicates a projects path. Getting it right is crucially important.


This topic will show you how best to plan your projects in order for them to be proactively managed, delivered and evaluated. That starts with understanding the importance of a project plan and the role it has to play. You will be introduced to the tools available to help you create an effective plan and taken through the most important considerations of the planning process. These include giving the planning time it deserves, learning from previous projects, fully involving the appropriate stakeholders and building in sufficient flexibility.

The value of strong communication and relationships will be stressed throughout this topic. You will therefore discover how the plan is an important communication tool as a project develops. This means thinking about the various pieces of information that different interested parties will want to be able to see.

What's the outcome?

you will be able to create an effective project plan by being aware of all the considerations and using the necessary tools. By learning to use the project plan as a live document, updated regularly through the project lifecycle, you will be able to exert greater control over the projects you are involved with.

What does it involve?

A variety of learning activities over a day. This will introduce you to the core concepts and principles of project planning, as well as debunking a few myths along the way. You will be introduced to a typical project plan and shown how it can best be used. You will also have the chance to show how you would amend that plan in light of various circumstances which could affect the project.

You will finish with a quiz to test what you have learned and will be provided with top tips for implementing what you have learned back in the workplace.

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