Introduction to Project Delivery

Introduction to Project Delivery Academy4PM Workshop Based


In the context of the company, project delivery is inextricably linked to change. This could mean change within a department or it could mean change which directly affects society as a whole. Either way, that change will be as a direct result of implementing strategy and policy. It's therefore hugely important that we get it right, first time.


This topic will introduce you to the fundamentals of successful project delivery and how your involvement can help bring about change through transformation. It is designed to help you better understand projects and how they relate to organisational policy. You will learn about project lifecycles, as well as commonly used project delivery features and approaches.

The topic is applicable for all, whether you are working on a project for the first time, involved in a project team environment or are new to the organisation.

What's the outcome?

The creation of transformation diagrams in project delivery is a powerful tool to both capture and convey organisational change.

Completing this topic will help you appreciate the importance of effective project delivery and the role you can play. By increasing your confidence in delivering and participating in projects, we can make project delivery more effective across the organisation as a whole.

What does it involve?

A variety of learning activities over a day. These cover a range of subjects from typical roles and responsibilities within a project, through to project delivery within the context of project management and the impact on wider society. You will also be introduced to Agile and Waterfall, two of the more commonly used project management approaches.

You will finish with a quiz to test what you have learned and will be provided with top tips for implementing what you have learned back in the workplace.

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