Identifying Stakeholder Requirements

Identifying Stakeholder Requirements Academy4PM Workshop Based


Projects are the vehicles via which deliver change and projects may soon run into problems if their requirements are not properly defined and managed. Establishing from the start who the most important stakeholders are, and their requirements, is critically important for successful delivery.

Once a project is up and running, maintaining contact with stakeholder groups is equally important; updating them, managing expectations or even revising the project's requirements as it develops.


At the start of any project, defining its requirements can be tricky. For example, there can be a tendency to aim to deliver what stakeholders want, rather than what they need. On some projects, stakeholders might not even know what they want or need.

This topic will introduce you to the importance of requirements capture, how to define them and when they should be identified.

you will also consider how agreeing project requirements is not enough. You need to ensure that you identified the stakeholders in the first place and that they understand the project requirements. You will also learn how best to communicate with those groups and how to make the most of their involvement throughout the project lifecycle.

What's the outcome?

You will understand how to identify your stakeholders. You will be able to design projects that meet requirements from outset – and understand the value of maintaining regular contact with them throughout. By more proactively engaging with, and managing, these groups you will produce better outcomes with clear benefits for the end user.

What does it involve?

A variety of learning activities over a day. You will look at the process of defining requirements and how to create a stakeholder engagement strategy.

You will finish with a quiz to test what you have learned and will be provided with top tips for implementing what you have learned back in the workplace.

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