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It is important to focus on the desired outcomes and benefits throughout the lifecycle of any project as there are likely to be influences and changes that could steer it in a new direction.

By maintaining focus on the outcomes and benefits, a project is more likely to be delivered on time and on budget. It will also have more chance of being a success once it is completed, having a positive impact on those it was designed to help in the first place.


This topic will introduce you to the role of projects in organisations, helping you to understand what we mean by outcomes and benefits and how these are achieved and realised.

It is important to understand how benefits are linked to projects. You will learn how to identify project outcomes and benefits and how to remain focused on them to get the best results, not just considering them at the beginning and end of a project.

What's the outcome?

You will be able to recognise what project outcomes and benefits are and you will know how they are important throughout the lifecycle of the project and how they are planned, delivered and measured.

Projects have many different benefits, which you will be able to identify. You will also be able to explain who is responsible for realising the benefits of a particular project.

Your understanding of why stakeholders must be engaged and consulted if these project benefits are to be realised will also be improved.

What does it involve?

A variety of learning activities over a day. You will learn about the identification, management and realisation of benefits at the project and organisational level. You will also explore the machanisms for benefit review and approval.

You will finish with a quiz to test what you have learned and will be provided with top tips for implementing what you have learned back in the workplace.

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