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‘Agile' is an alternative approach to project management that is being used more often within organisations. It typically features tasks being undertaken in short, sharp bursts of activity and plans being frequently reassessed and adapted.

Working in this incremental, iterative way means that less work is wasted if something suddenly changes during a project.


Working on an Agile project can be a very different experience to working in a traditional project management environment. For that reason, this topic aims to introduce you to the fundamental concepts of working with Agile, its processes and vocabulary and the benefits it can bring. It is designed to help you understand what it means to work in an Agile environment and to de ne the ways in which it can be correctly applied across a range of government scenarios.

The skills and knowledge acquired in this topic can subsequently be developed further by becoming a qualified Agile Practitioner. Those skills can then be applied in many different roles and activities, generating greater productivity in both Agile and non-Agile projects.

What's the outcome?

By completing this topic, you will be able to recognise and feel comfortable working with Agile practices, such as working in sprints. You will appreciate how Agile can be used to improve both customer engagement and our chances of successful project delivery. Able to articulate the benefits of an Agile culture, you will be part of the organisations improved capacity for successful project delivery.

What does it involve?

A beginner's guide to the theory behind Agile working.

A variety of learning activities over a day. You will find out what it's like to work in an Agile environment. You will learn about the terminology of Agile and hear about case studies where it has been used effectively. You will discover what's involved in a Stand-up, a Show-and-Tell, a Retrospective and a Backlog and the important part they play in communication, measuring progress, reflection and continual planning.

You will finish with a quiz to test what you have learned and will be provided with top tips for implementing what you have learned back in the workplace.

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